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General Electronic Alarms provide a wide range of CCTV systems, Hi Definition (HD) and the ever growing IP Network Cameras

Prior to installation, we carry out a site survey and provide a consultative approach to our business to ensure you get the right solution to secure your premises.
Whether it’s to protect your home or business, we build our CCTV systems with convenience, ease-of-use, and affordability in mind. With a smart, connected security camera system you can view live footage and monitor your premises from anywhere in the world.

With the current Pandemic, whether you have customers to serve or a company with many staff, keeping everyone safe is priority. We have a large range of products and solutions to help you to do your part while remaining open for business.
All new CCTV systems are installed and maintained to I.S. EN 50132.

Camera types

IP Cameras

An IP camera is a video camera that is networked over a Fast Ethernet connection. The IP camera sends its signals to the main server or computer screen via an Internet or network link. It is mostly used in IP surveillance, closed-circuit television (CCTV) and digital videography. IP cameras are widely replacing analog cameras due to their digital zoom and remote surveillance options over the Internet. An IP camera is also known as a network camera.

HD Cameras

HD cameras have more pixels on the screen than standard definition does, and they therefore add more information to your picture, which produces crisper images that have vibrant colours and fine detail. The term full HD describes the highest possible resolution — 1920 x 1080.