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Fire Alarms


Fires present a major and unpredictable risk to people and property. Installing a Fire Alarm System will automatically identify a fire within a building in seconds enabling occupants to evacuate.

We can offer a full range of Fire Alarm Systems from simple Conventional Systems to more sophisticated Addressable systems. Systems available both wired and wireless.

We can Design, Install and Complete the Maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems to conform to current EN Standards.

Products we specialise in include C-Tec and Apollo Systems.

All new fire alarm systems are installed and maintained to I.S. 3218:2013.

Two main types of Fire Alarms:

Conventional Fire Alarm

This is the most common type of fire alarm system around. They are commonly used in smaller building such as stores, homes and restaurants. They are also an ideal choice for people with smaller budgets. A conventional fire alarm consists of 1 or more circuits, connected in parallel. They are simple to setup, easily integrated with other brand name manufacturers’ devices and do not require configurations.

Addressable Fire Alarm

Addressable fire alarm systems are traditionally used for complex projects or large buildings. Nevertheless, with technological advancement, they have become more affordable and are used more frequently on smaller sites as well. As the name states, each device in the system has an “address”. In other words, each detector, call point, interface, sounder and beacon are connected directly to the control panel. When the alarm is triggered, the controller can pinpoint the location where the fire is detected, or where the device is triggered.